Bassi was born in 2009 when founders Jean-Daniel Lafleur and Jean-Michel Cauvin found common ground in their ideals of bicycle design. With their small Montreal store as a space to workshop ideas and develop products, Jean-Daniel and Jean-Michel created a brand from their bike shop experiences. Bassi Bikes occupy a middle ground between complementary ideals: the frames draw inspiration from both Italian and Japanese bicycle design; balance between classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality is a priority. Joined in 2015 by Julian Gammon, the Bassi team is continually exploring new possibilities in frame design. 

Bassi frames are designed with modern bicycle comfort and reliability in mind, while preserving a timeless aesthetic. Our bicycles are assembled by a team of professionals in Québec, Canada. For years, Bassi bicycles have undergone the test of assault by Montreal roads, with their countless potholes, construction sites, ice, and snow.